Swissfunders is a crowdinvesting platform offering individuals and companies the possibility to build and monitor their own portfolio via a complete catalogue of selected European SMEs. 

Swissfunders and its partner Raizers provide a comprehensive financing service for company managers:


 Alain Maître 

Alain followed an atypical career, with studies in natural sciences and economics, followed by continuing education in portfolio management. With a Master of Science (MSc) from the University of Fribourg, he has strived from the very beginning in entrepreneurship to respect a simple but effective principle: to surround himself with the best. SwissFunders is no exception, with the association of people competent in their respective fields and complementary to the multiple dimensions of the project.  




 Thibaut Belpois 

Thibaut has 10 years of experience in financial markets, due diligence, portfolio construction and asset diversification. He also has solid experience in real estate, acquired notably through renovation/promotion projects and financing structuring. At the academic level, Thibaut is an ETH engineer (Paris) and subsequently followed a course in HEC (Lausanne). 




  Dorian Abadie  

After studying at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Pau, Dorian attended the Novancia Business School in Paris, where he obtained a Master's degree in Business Development focusing on "Entrepreneurship and development of innovative activities". Between 2012 and 2017, Dorian was head analyst for X-Trade Brokers (Paris). He subsequently broadened his field of activities, to be at the origin of several training programs in stock market investment. His various activities, his flexibility and his skills have enabled him to gradually build up a solid network, which he now makes available to SwissFunders.


  Julia Nowak  

Julia is the virtual synthesis of the three people above. As such, she is a combination of their backgrounds, skills and experiences. Its field of action ranges from the global vision of a project (idea, design, development strategy) to marketing, networking or operational. Julia is therefore a generalist while being specialized in several complementary fields. The position of "Growth Hacker" is particularly suitable for her, as this requires mastery of all aspects of a business and related issues. Julia can therefore deploy her actions without being limited by a possible lack of knowledge regarding one or other of the specificities of the project she's in charge of. 


Selection committee

Raizers' team of analysts carries out a complete due diligence of each case. The Raizers selection committee then validates the presentation of the enterprises on the platform. 



 Grégoire Linder

With a MSc in Entrepreneurial Management, Grégoire began his career with the Lacoste Group as an intrapreneur for 5 years. In particular, he created a business unit in charge of developing the retail outlet activity in Europe and participated in the takeover of distribution countries. Based in Munich for 2 years in the management of the Central European network, he was the direct manager of nearly 100 employees. He then launched Raizers in January 2014 and now manages business development and support activities from France.




 Maxime Pallain

Maxime holds a MSc in finance and entrepreneurship and spent 5 years in the financial markets in London and Geneva. After his first steps in entrepreneurship with a first recorded success, Maxime decides to launch Raizers in 2014 with Grégoire Linder his partner. Today he is director of the Raizers platform in Switzerland.




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