Steps to invest

Step 1: Registration

Registration on Swissfunders is free. To identify yourself, we ask you to provide us with your email address and choose your password.

The details of each project in campaign is accessible only to identified and connected members in order to guarantee transparency and security when accessing files.


Step 2: Risk Acceptance

This acceptance allows us to validate that you are fully aware of the risks inherent in this type of investment.


Step 3: Access to your personalized space and detail by project

Your personalised space gives you access to all the information relating to the projects presented on the platform: the company's presentation, the team, its activity, its market, its successes.

This space also allows you to interact directly with entrepreneurs through access to a personalized forum by project.


Step 4: Investment

We offer you the opportunity to complete your profile in advance.

Specifying your place of residence and your areas of expertise will increase your chances of meeting other investors and developing your network.

At the time of the investment:

Swissfunders at a glance

SwissFunders is a participative financing platform dedicated to the real estate development and innovation sectors. It allows any investor, individual or company, to participate in the financing of real estate projects or innovative startups.

SwissFunders is a brand of Blue Trade Systems SA in Fribourg (IDE CHE-335.941.666), commercial partner of the Raizers group, consultant in participative investments.

Blue Trade Systems SA is a Swiss company founded in 2015 and based in Fribourg, halfway between the two financial centres of Zurich and Geneva. The partners of BTS have many years of experience in the fields of financial analysis, financial advice, portfolio structuring and new technologies.

Why crowdfunding? 

To the real estate developer or company director, crowdfunding makes it possible to quickly finance oneself while avoiding an administrative overload, and to communicate to the greatest number on its activities. It allows investors to underwrite even modest amounts while diversifying their risks on a variety of projects.

SwissFunders offers two types of investment:

This type of investment is generally proposed for startup financing: the investor becomes co-owner of the company with the objective of participating in its success.

This type of investment is generally proposed for the financing of real estate projects: the investor participates in an equity contribution for which he is remunerated by the promoter.