Warning on the risks       

All projects and companies presented on the Swissfunders platform have been previously analysed and validated by our committee of experts. Nevertheless, any investment involves risks. SwissFunders and Raizers strongly recommend diversifying your investments to reduce your specific risk.

Investing in projects through bond loans involves the following risks:

Investing in unlisted companies involves specific risks:


Before the launch of the campaign, Swissfunders, through Raizers, may collect from the issuers a maximum fixed fee of 9'000 €/CHF. If the operation is a success, a variable remuneration on the amount raised, not exceeding 10%, will also be invoiced. 


Are you well introduced to the world of real estate and/or startups? Become a Swissfunders partner by presenting promotion or innovation projects. You will thus have the satisfaction of contributing to their realization, while widening your range of action and your influence in fields which are close to your heart. Swissfunders values any quality partnership that enhances its credibility and visibility on the market. 

Raizers, our CIP partner

Raizers, an equity financing platform approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) as a Participating Investment Adviser (CIP), offers companies the opportunity to raise funds from Internet users via its online platforms, without going through traditional financing channels. Raizers offers two types of investments: shares and loans. 

Swissfunders is a Raizers platform dedicated to investments in French-speaking Switzerland.

Raizers is responsible for the final validation of the operations presented on the platform. 

WARNING, investing in financial securities issued by unlisted companies involves specific risks (read more).