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Batz Sur Mer par SQUIRREL

Financing of a subdivision operation near the ocean in Batz sur Mer (Loire Atlantique - 44).

  48 Investor(s)         Total amount collected : 650,000 EUR

La Teste-de-Buch

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YING - Portillon

Purchase and resale of two houses and construction of 2 villas on a 2,860 m² plot of land in La Teste-de-Buch, bordering the Bassin d'Arcachon (33)

  89 Investor(s)         Total amount collected : 280,000 €

Le Puy en Velay

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France Quick SAS par Groupe Foncière El Baze

Acquisition of a restaurant operated since 1990 by the Quick group located in Le Puy en Velay

  78 Investor(s)         Total amount collected : 220,000 EUR

La Possession

Tagore by Grand Sud Invest

Real estate development operation for 26 housing units and 2 commercial premises in Reunion Island (La Possession). Read More......

Loan indicators

1,379,000 €100%



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Authôt transcribes, translates and provides subtitles for your videos with the best value on the market!

  35 Investor(s)         Total amount collected : 453,293 EUR


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Avenue du président Wilson by 40 Trocadero

Renovation of two apartments to form a duplex penthouse on 470m2 (6th and 7th floors) facing the Trocadero.

  191 Investor(s)         Total amount collected : 1,600,000 EUR


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Skillspotting develops a software of human resources to manage talents 2.0

  122 Investor(s)         Total amount collected : 769,557 CHF


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Groupe hôtelier WS 2

Hotel group operating 65 apart-hotels with a 3*** positioning only on prestigious sites in the heart of Paris

  61 Investor(s)         Total amount collected : 171,683 EUR


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[SME] StudyBelt

StudyBelt designs, markets and installs industrial machines adapted to the construction, industrial or mining sectors.

  32 Investor(s)         Total amount collected : 167,500 €
Raizers: Paris, Geneva, Bruxelles, Luxembourg
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